Rejuvenating set for body

Rejuvenating set for body

There is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to skincare. Some people succeed in getting good results when they use rejuvenating set for their body. Others would suffer adverse reaction or do not get the results they desire. In addition, when you read the instruction of most rejuvenating sets, you would see written “facial toner and facial cream”. Check for example the following instruction of Brilliant rejuvenating set.

Brilliant rejuvenating set instruction

Brilliant rejuvenating set instruction

In other words, of course you can use rejuvenating set on body if you expose it to air more often. To address this matter in greater detail, we must know the difference between the skin of face and body. Moreover, you must understand the function of rejuvenating set.

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About rejuvenating set

Rejuvenating set peels off the upper layer of the skin. It uses the kojic acid soap, rejuvenating facial toner, and rejuvenating facial cream to achieve so. Furthermore, it exfoliates dead skin cells.

Differences between facial and body skin

We will address the differences and comment on each of which to relate to rejuvenating set.

  • Thickness of skin

Skin thickness varies all over the body. The skin on your body is thicker than the one on your face. Additionally, you have thinner layer of fat under face skin. As a result, wrinkles are more visible on the face and neck. Moreover, the skin around the eyes and eyelids is the thinnest one. This makes the skin in this area highly sensitive. Hence, rejuvenating set are less effective on body skin. You might need more than one rejuvenating set to use on body in order to get the same effects if used on face. Also, bear in mind to take precautionary steps before applying around the eyes.

  • Size of skin cells

The skin cells on the face are smaller than the ones on the rest of the body. Smaller skin cells mean shorter route through which rejuvenating set ingredients travel. In addition, smaller skin cells mean less protection. Therefore, facial skin is more sensitive than body skin. These facts lead us to the conclusion why rejuvenating set is more effective on face than on body.

  • Number of oil glands

The number of oil glands on the face are more than the ones on the body. These oil glands produce required oil to lubricate skin and fight bacteria. Also, the oil protects skin and enhances healing process. Rejuvenating set occasionally strips away the skin oil. Thus, the oil glands would produce more oil to compensate for the loss. This process exhausts oil glands. Hence, as mentioned above, even though body skin is thicker, it has less oil glands. That’s why rejuvenating set will have better results on face.

  • Number of hair follicles犀利士

Comparing the same size area on face and body, we will find that the number of hair follicles on the skin of face are more. ‏Besides, the hair follicles on the face are close to each other which makes them easier to be clogged by toxins released with sweat. That’s why, you would notice more skin conditions such as pimples or hyperpigmentation on face than body. Therefore, you would notice that rejuvenating set is more effective on face than body.

  • Facial skin is exposed to air more often

Air is very essential for skin cells turnover. In addition, it expedites the healing process while using rejuvenating set. Body skin is covered by clothes most of the times. Therefore, using rejuvenating set on body might cause more irritation and itchiness.

So, can I use rejuvenating set for my body ?

SkinLite cream

SkinLite cream

Yes you can. But always take the required precautionary steps to avoid any adverse reaction. Refrain from using the same on the sensitive areas of the body and where sweat is excessive. Sometimes, you would need more than one rejuvenating set to use on your body to get the same effects. In addition, if you suffer from body conditions such as acne or pigmentation, we recommend you to use Skinlite Cream 25g for one (1) month.

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Hence, can I use rejuvenating set on my body? Well, most rejuvenating sets cater for facial skin conditions. Not body skin conditions. Therefore, you may have noticed that the full name of rejuvenating set is facial rejuvenating set. However, you can use the soap in rejuvenating set all over body.

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