Why is Skin Rejuvenating Set So Popular

Skin Rejuvenating set, also known as REJUV SETS, have become increasingly popular in the Philippines over the last two years. Social media has played a significant role in bringing the concept of skin care systems to the mass market and making them affordable for all. Before Rejuv sets, using a full skin care line was only accessible to the wealthy and middle class, but with prices as low as P350, these sets have made it possible for people of all income levels to experience the benefits of a complete skin care routine.

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What are the components of Skin rejuvenating set

A rejuvenating set typically includes a soap (facial cleanser), toner, day cream with SPF, and night cream with peeling properties. The active ingredients found in these sets include AHA, BHA, Hydroquinone, and Tretinoin. They are meant to rejuvenate or renew the skin by assisting or accelerating the exfoliation process.

The benefits that make Skin Rejuvenating Set popular

One of the benefits of using a rejuvenating set is that it eliminates the need to experiment with different products and the risk of skin irritation. Additionally, these sets are designed to work together to deliver and sustain the promised benefits for your skin. They also save you time and money.

One of the main reasons that made Rejuvenating Set so popular

Many rejuvenating set brands also follow a reselling model, which is one of the reasons for their popularity. This model allows for a low investment, usually starting at P2000, to become a reseller and encourages Filipinos to be more entrepreneurial.

Controversies Surrounding Rejuvenating Sets

However, rejuvenating sets have also faced some controversies. The FDA has been issuing memos and warnings to some brands due to the presence of harmful ingredients and the false claims they make. It is important to research and choose a reputable brand before using a rejuvenating set.

Which rejuvenating set have you used? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Evelyn Castalone
February 29, 2024

Can i mix rejuvenating cream and steroid for my daily routine for my face

October 24, 2023

Hi,im a rejuv user last july..then I stopped and decided to use the BIOTEN facial,toner,serum and moisturiser…ive been using it for 3months now..nag lighten nmn skin ko,but not as lighter as when im using rejuv set.Now I want to go back using again rejuv set is it ok ? How long should,I rest my skin before I use rejum again?

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