Is it okay to use makeup while using rejuvenating set

Is it okay to use makeup while using rejuvenating set

Wearing makeup while using rejuvenating set may delay the healing process. Additionally, it may cause damage to your repairing skin if used permanently. However, you can still use makeup if necessary. Make an effort not to apply it every day. Keep it sweet and subtle.

What may happen if I use makeup while using rejuvenating set

Is it okay to use makeup while using rejuvenating setWhile using rejuvenating set, your skin becomes more sensitive. Your skin is considered in the healing process while using rejuvenating set. Exposing your healing skin to bacteria can lead to infection. Also, makeup with minerals or metals can do harm to healing skin. Furthermore, don’t forget that rubbing and tugging involved in removing your makeup can cause damage to healing skin.

So be extra cautious and extra adherent when you deal with makeup while using rejuvenating set to avoid inflamed skin. As well as, the need to use yet another rejuvenating set to fix any discoloration or damage caused by the makeup application.

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So, can I wear makeup while using rejuvenating set?

Try to apply new makeup that less likely has bacteria inside of it. Also, use makeup that contains sunscreen to protect your skin and lengthen the amount of time of the results you got from rejuvenating set. Moreover, never overuse makeup while using rejuvenating set and wear light make up. Attempt to reduce the occasions that you would find yourself in need to wear makeup. It is always a better idea not to apply makeup while using rejuvenating set.

Why would some women wear makeup while using rejuvenating set

Most of the people tend to wear makeup while using  rejuvenating set to cover up the peeling skin. A number of women become more anxious and insecure especially when their skin turns out to be flaky. Some others are used to wear makeup when they go out for work or any other occasion. Those woman will always have the question whether they can wear makeup while using rejuvenating set or not.

How to cover up peeling skin

  • Use moisturizer

Using moisturizer regularly while using rejuvenating set is not recommended. However, if the peeling is excessive, you can use a moisturizer or collagen cream to reduce peeling effect. After washing, apply the moisturizer. Actually, the basic washing has moisture effect on the dry skin. But, the moisturizer would lock in the effect of moisture.

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  • Use soft towel

When you want to dry out your face, use towels made of cotton, rayon or Pima. If you can not find a towel made of one of these materials, then, use any towel that is made of soft fabric. Don’t forget that rough towels can damage the skin.

  • Pat dry your skin

Pat dryThe best way to dry your skin after washing is to pat it dry. By doing so, you will preserve your skin smoothness. Rubbing the towel over the face is not good for the skin. Rubbing and tugging your face can lead to skin irritation and inflammation. So bear in mind to gently pat dry.

  • Take shorter showers

Fast showerTake your shower on a shorter period. Also, use lukewarm water rather than hot one. Besides, keep in mind that the steam that comes out of the hot water may open up the skin pores which can cause more dryness. Therefore, taking shorter showers with lukewarm water definitely makes your skin happier. Taking shorter shower not only saves water but also saves your skin. Limit your shower period to 5 minutes for best results. For the record, hot water can excoriate natural oils and damage skin faster. Hence, stick to lukewarm water and shorter showers.


One of the main functions of rejuvenating set is to eliminate bacteria inside skin pores. In addition, to promote new cells growth by peeling dead skin cells and making room for new ones to grow. As a result, you will have whiter and flawless skin. On the other hand, most of the makeup products are not very sterile. If you have been using your makeup for weeks or months, it likely has some bacteria in it. Thus, if you want to wear makeup while using rejuvenating set, keep it subtle.

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