Will I Lose The good Effects If I Stop Using Rejuvenating Set?

If I stop Using Rejuvenating Set

What will happen if I stop using rejuvenating set? Will the good effects of rejuvenating set fade away? We receive these questions from our clients very often. The simple answer is no and yes! If you protect your skin and moisturize it as always, you will keep the good effects of rejuvenating set.

We break down the key culprits that may speed up the loss of the good effects of using rejuvenating set:

Sun exposure, pollution, make-up and dehydration can speed up the loss of the good effects of using rejuvenating set and worsen the appearance of acne breakouts, oily skin and acne scars. Here’s why:

UV Rays

UV Rays

UV radiation dehydrates skin, causing it to over-produce oil – so skin ends up even oilier. The sun’s UVB rays also cause sunburn and peeling, which generate excess dead skin cells. Excess oil and dead skin cells are two of the main factors that contribute to acne. Together, they clog follicles (pores), increasing the chances of breaking out.

UV rays can make your skin darker because skin tissue is highly sensitive to sunlight after using rejuvenating set. Darkening is the skin’s way of protecting itself from further damage.



Airborne pollution also leads to skin dehydration and excess oil production, as well as inflammation, which may ends up in losing the good effects of using rejuvenating set. Studies show that oily skin and acne increase with pollution, and that the effects of pollution may be even worse with UV exposure.

Pore-Clogging Makeup

Pore-Clogging Makeup

Going to bed with make-up on, or applying make-up over make-up from the day before, contributes to losing the good effects of using rejuvenating set. This can lead to many tiny bumps (whiteheads) on the cheeks, chin, lips, or forehead.



Not only is skin dehydration caused by UV rays and pollution, it’s also caused by lifestyle habits like over-exfoliating and taking hot showers. These habits can compromise the skin’s naturally protective outer layer, which is responsible for keeping moisture in.

To help protect your skin against all of the above, apply sunblock cream and moisturizer every day. Sunblock cream and moisturizer provide a long-lasting matte finish while countering the dehydrating effects of environmental stress and stopping oil-based make-up from clogging pores.

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Karen Cris v.ijan
August 5, 2022

What happen if I stop using brilliant rejuvinating set at the age of 16…and what to do..what I need to maintain after stopping using brilliant rejuvinating set

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