Cast of Young And Dangerous film series may be reuniting

Cast of Young And Dangerous film series may be reuniting on Chinese reality show

The cast of Hong Kong triad film series Young And Dangerous (1995 to 2000) may be reuniting in a Chinese reality show Call Me By Flame.

It is the men’s version of Sisters Who Make Waves. The popular Chinese reality show featuring 30 female artistes aged 30 and above. They compete for the chance to form a girl band.

The 32 male artistes said to feature in Call Me By Flame are trending on the Chinese Internet. However, it is an unconfirmed list circulating online.

On the list are celebrities such as Hong Kong actors Jordan Chan, Michael Tse and Jerry Lamb, the alumni of Young And Dangerous.

The participation of Hong Kong singer-actor Ekin Cheng is reportedly pending. He played the iconic role Chan Ho Nam.

Young And Dangerous was a massive hit during the 1990s. Moreover, it propelled the cast to instant fame.

In addition, the film spawned five sequels and several spin-offs. Including Portland Street Blues (1998), which focused on a female character from the series.

Cheng, Jordan Chan, Tse, Lamb and another alumnus Chin Ka Lok recently reunited in Golden Job (2018), a movie that heavily referenced the film series.

Other male artistes who appeared on the unconfirmed list of Call Me By Flame included Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan of F4 fame, Hong Kong singer-actor Julian Cheung and Chinese actor Max Zhang.

In the making for more than six months, the show is scheduled to begin recording in Haikou city in China’s Hainan province on June 23.

This article was first published in The Straits TimesPermission required for reproduction.

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