The Best Ways To Use Rejuvenating Set For Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin should always take precautionary steps before using rejuvenating set. They should make patch test before using the rejuvenating set. In addition, they have to deal with the rejuvenating toner and cream more cautiously. If you face severe side effects such as severe redness, scaling , stinging or burning, stop using and contact skin care specialist.

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How To Patch Test A Product

Patch Test: How to Identify Allergies and Skin-Safe Products

  1. Use a Clear Patch of Skin

    Choose a clear and easy to access area of your skin to perform the test. It should be somewhere that you can leave alone up to 24 hours. Good examples of recommended areas are as follows:

    1. Backside of the ear
    2. Around the crook of the elbow
    3. Forearm
    4. Upper side of the back.
  2. Wash the Area First

    Before you begin, you need to wash and clean the area you chose for applying the patch test. The reason is that you need to make sure that the rejuvenating set products are the ones that would cause the allergic reaction if any.

  3. Apply a Small Amount to the Skin

    Apply a small amount of rejuvenating toner and cream separately in different areas of the skin.

  4. Wait 24 Hours

    Now it is time to wait. Wait up to 24 hours. If you experience severe burning, itchiness or pain; you can wash it thoroughly.

  5. Results

    It is pretty easy to tell if your skin is allergic to the rejuvenating set products. If your skin is pink, then you might have a mild allergy which should fade fast. If the pinkness doesn’t fade, the patch area is very itchy or you developed a rash in the subject area; then you are likely allergic to the rejuvenating set. If you are not sure that you are allergic to the rejuvenating set; or you have history of allergy in the past, it is better to contact a skincare specialist. Also, you always welcome to leave a comment in the comment section below; and we shall advise.

Symptoms Of Sensitive Skin

If you have the following symptoms most of the times; then, you might have sensitive skin:

  • Redness, dryness, scaling and bumps.
  • Stinging itching, burning.


You might experience the above mentioned symptoms as side effects when using rejuvenating set. This doesn’t mean that you more likely have sensitive skin. Such side effects should subside within a week. If the side effects don’t subside and reduce within two weeks, you’re better stop using and contact skin care specialist for advice. You can also place comment below for us; and we will do our best to advise.

How Do You Use Rejuvenating Set For Sensitive Skin?

  • Instruction For Use No.1 (Recommended)

    1. 1st and 2nd week

      Apply two (2) times a week, morning and night. (Monday and Friday).

    2. 3rd and 4th week

      Apply three (3) times a week, morning and night. (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

    3. 5th to 8th week

      Apply everyday, morning and night. (Monday to Sunday).

    Rejuvenating Toner may induce peeling, stinging, reddening or pimple breakouts at the first two weeks of application. However, in the unlikely case of severe irritation and hypersensitivity reaction, discontinue use and consult a Healthcare Professional.

  • Instruction For Use No. 2

    Use the rejuvenating toner once at night only before bedtime. So the procedure will be almost the same as the procedure used in the normal case; except for the toner which will be used only once at night instead of twice.

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Follow The Tips Below For Best Results

  • Rejuvenating Soap

    1. Always damp your face before lathering with the rejuvenating soap.
    2. Don’t leave the soap on your skin more than 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly immediately.
  • Rejuvenating Toner

    1. Don’t use the toner every day
    2. Never rub the toner hard against your skin. Don’t use it as a cleanser to wipe off dirt. Try to only dab the cotton pad on your skin evenly.
  • Rejuvenating Cream

    Apply the rejuvenating cream only on the areas with concerning issues; and leave it overnight.

  • Sunblock Cream/Gel

    1. Always wear sunblock even if you are not exposing to sun.
    2. In case you expose to sun, apply sunblock 30 minutes before exposing. Renew every 2–3 hours if you still under sun.

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There are many rejuvenating sets in the market. Some of which are almost the same according to ingredients, products of which the rejuvenating sets contain, instruction of use, side effects and the benefits.

If you have any thoughts, don’t hesitate to drop the comment in the comment section below.

Comments (19)
Rovie Jean Sales
August 11, 2022

Hi po .. 12 days na po ako gumagamit ng skin magical set 1 pero parang wala pong effect .. nagkakarashes na po ang leeg ko ,namumula at makati .. Itutuloy ko pa po ba ito hanggang umabot ng 1 month o ititigil ko na ? Pwede po ba na magpalit ng ibang rejuvenating set ?

    August 11, 2022


    Continue for a month.

    Recent article: 7 Best Dry Shampoos

    August 19, 2022

    Don’t use a lot to your neck, just continue and when you finish it and still no effect? Take a rest for a month, then try another rejuvenating set.

    Resent Article:Is Asian Skincare Better?

July 22, 2022

hi po, I’m using rejuvenating set po ngayon pang 6 days kona po, yung face ko po ano parang nag tatight pero di po yan ang problema ko po, may parang bumps sya na parang pimple pero hindi sya pimple, white heads ata, ano po gagawin ko kahit sa rejuvenating set po hindi sya nawawala, natatakot lang po ako kung anong pwedeng gawen, mag sto stop na po ba ako sa rejuv? pero before po ako mag rejuv may bumps na talaga sya na tumubo bigla

June 3, 2022

Hi po sana ma notice nyo asap gumagamit po ako ng brilliant whitening set inuna ko po to kaysa sa reju ng brilliant,ngayon nag babalak po ako gumamit ng rejuvenating ng 7days ok lg po ba if gumamit na ako ng ibang set? How many days po ba kailangan mag rest ng face and ano po bang recommended na gawin habang nirerest ang face?

    June 4, 2022

    Rest your skin for a month. Keep using sunblock.

May 29, 2022

Hi, I hope you can help me. Thank you.
1. What alternative skin care product should I use during the days that I will skip my rejuv set? For example in the first week which I will be using the rejuv set for 2days only.
2. Is it okay to use the rejuv toner during night time only instead of twice a day? Will this affect the result of the rejuv set ?
3. Other than the maintenance set – what products can you recommend to use after the rejuv set? Is it enough to use serum + sunblock only?

    May 30, 2022

    1- Use the soap and sunblock.
    2- Yes you can. If you don’t expose to sun frequently, use twice a day.
    3- Use the soap, serum and sunblock.

May 28, 2022

Can i stop rejuv set admin? I used it for 5days makati face ko and itchy din po and peeling na din.. can i used nlang ulit ng aloevera gel and baby powder

    May 28, 2022


    Stop it gradually. Use it twice a week. After you totally stop it, use Aloe Vera gel.

March 9, 2022

Hi po maam. Gumagamit po ako ng porcelana cream na nabili ko po sa pharmacy kasi gusto ko mawala ang pula² na maliliit sa ibabab ng baba ko, scar sa left chick ko at scar na may halong pula² sa right chick ko, basta yun na po yon diko alam anong tawag nito. Ginagamit ko po ang day cream sa umaga mga alas 11 at night cream namam before bed. Then after 2 days ata nasunog po ang face ko at tsaka namulala lalo yung concerned na part sa face ko which is ibaba ng baba ko, right and left chick ko at tsaka nagbabalat. Tas nung naligo ako , paggamit ko ng dr alvin kojic soap ay super² hapdi ng mukha ko,makati sya,namumula,yun natakot at inurong ko at diko tinuloy baka ano mangyari sa mukha ko.
My questions po maam, if gagamit po ba ako ng dr alvin rejuvenating set ay same padin ang mangyayari? Masusunog po ba sya, namumula lalo ang part na concern sa face ko,makati at namamalat po ba sya maam? Sana po masagot
At maam , normal lang po ba na magbabalat, masusunog, at kumakati pag gumagamit ng rejuv set? Diko po kasi na test kasi diko tinuloy hehediko alam kung mawawala ba siya after 2 weeks
At maam can you do research po sa ingredients ng porcelana day and night cream po kung same ba sa dr alvin rejuv set ng ingredients. Kasi kung hindi gagamit ako ng dr alvin rejuv set at sana hindi sya sensitiveThank you in advance po maam sa sagot

    March 9, 2022

    Hi Kent,
    Ingredients are in the box of the products. Read it. If your skin burned, take a rest before using another products.

Mary Joy jolito
March 8, 2022

Hi ma’am… can I ask I use deoproce snail recovery… but my skin same also have a pimples May skin type is oily pimples and sensitive skin.. can I ask if I can use rejuvenating set?

    March 9, 2022

    Hi Mary,
    Use lighter set, especially sensitive skin.
    And don’t mix products. One at a time.

December 14, 2021

Hi. I used rejuvenating set for the first time and it is Ryx’s new formula of clearbomb. I used it for a month but I still have lots of pimples and acne scars. I am currently using their poreless maintenance set and my face gets too oily compared before and pimples continues to pop up. I am not really sure if my pimples now are caused by the maintenanfe set and I don’t know if I should still continue using it. Any advice?

    December 14, 2021

    Hi Celine,
    If your skin gets oily; it means it’s compensating for the moisture lost while using rejuvenating set. Mayb your skin is still purging. Keep using and hopefully your skin adjusts to the products and clear it.

      December 16, 2021

      Hello! Pwede na po ba ulit gumamit ng rejuv after 2-3 weeks na pahinga?

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