Is It OK To Have Pimples When Using Rejuvenating Set?

Is It OK To Have Pimples When Using Rejuvenating Set?

Yes. But bear in mind that sometimes pimples breakout while using rejuvenating set is not normal when it’s excessive and prolonged. To know more about this case, you must know your skin and how rejuvenating set works .

How to understand your skin?

Your skin has two layers which are the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is the visible outer layer, and the dermis sits just beneath. This deeper layer contains nerve endings, sweat glands, and hair follicles. Rejuvenating sets removes a controlled amount of skin cells from the epidermis. A stronger rejuvenating set may also remove a small part of the dermis. Your face skin has thick and thin areas. Thick areas are the chin, nose, and cheeks. And thinner areas are around the eyes and mouth. Always apply the rejuvenating set to the thicker skin areas first and then to the thinner ones.

How does rejuvenating set work?

Rejuvenating set works by exfoliating dead skin cells. It removes a uniform amount of damaged skin cells across the face.  When applied to the skin, interaction with proteins in your skin causes exfoliation and peeling of the skin. Rejuvenating set can be used to improve acne, pigmentation, freckling, wrinkles, skin tone and texture. They are an excellent way to freshen the skin and to maintain skin health and beauty.

Now, after you have got an idea about your skin characteristics and how rejuvenating set works, you will understand why your skin would purge during using rejuvenating set.

So to reiterate, the process of having pimples while using rejuvenating set is called PURGING.

let’s talk about purging a bit more.


To understand purging, we must understand first how a pimple forms.


Firstly, we need to look at how a pimple forms. A pore becomes clogged – usually by dead skin cells that don’t detach and get to the surface properly – and forms what’s called a microcomedone.

Microcomedones aren’t visible at the surface of the skin. Sometimes they’ll develop into a whitehead, blackhead, pimple or full-blown cyst. Sometimes they’ll go away on their own without you noticing. It can take up to 8 weeks for a microcomedone to surface.


Here’s how purging can actually work. If a product speeds up skin turnover (the rate at which skin cells are shed and replaced), then the entire cycle will be accelerated and microcomedones will turn into whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and cysts more quickly. So you’ll suddenly see a rush of pimples rearing their ugly heads.

If the rejuvenating set is irritating (which most skin turnover-accelerating products are), some microcomedones that weren’t going to show up might join the party too, since inflammation is one of the factors causing acne. However, these microcomedones were in the skin before you started the rejuvenating set, not new blockages caused by the rejuvenating set.

Now, remember how the microcomedone started as dead skin cells that didn’t detach and get to the surface properly? Rejuvenating set increases skin turnover to treat acne!

So as the rejuvenating set starts to work, less microcomedones should form, and after the initial angry-volcano stage your skin should become clearer than when you started the rejuvenating set.

I hope we have cleared up the confusion on why sometimes pimples may purge while using rejuvenating set by addressing the reasons behind this process. Don’t worry, in most cases continuing using the rejuvenating set will eventually clears up your skin.


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Comments (2)
August 27, 2021

Good afternoon po,
Gumagamit na talaga ko ng rejuvenating toner since nasa Pinas pa ako. Tapos ng pumunta ako ibang bansa I stop using it and gumamit ako ng product na mild lang dito s ibang bansa Pero parang may mga maliit na white heads or mga pimples na maliliit . So I just decided na mag rejuvenating ulit kaya nag order ako online.
Gumamit ako mga 1week na po siya ng rejuvenating Pero bakit parang naglabasan lahat yung mga pimples at white/black heads ko tapos minsan Makati po siya.
What is the best advice po para po sa aking mukha.!?
Can I continue the product or e titigil ko muna siya .
If ever na I titigil ko yung rejuvenating ano po yung gamitin ko para PO ma wala yung mga break outs.? Sana masagot ang tanung ko.

    August 28, 2021

    Hi Jelly,
    Your skin might be purging. Read this article for more info.: PURGING VS BREAKOUTS: WHEN TO STOP USING REJUVENATING SET
    The weather impacts our skin. Purging means that you already have these pimples and the rejuvenating set is flushing out these pimples. Continue using to treat them all.

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