Dullness is all about the inability to reflect light which results in lack of radiance. Dull skin usually looks dry and lackluster. In addition, when we say dull skin, uneven skin texture comes to our mind right away because textured skin is less able to reflect light uniformly. That being said, smoothening your skin will eventually brighten dull skin. Additionally, there are many other factors that help GLOW AND BRIGHTEN DULL SKIN.

What is Dull Skin and How to Brighten it

Dull skin is often characterized as skin that lacks radiance because it doesn’t reflect light evenly. It doesn’t reflect light evenly because it has uneven texture and uneven skin tone. Smoothening the skin texture and evening out the skin tone can brighten dull skin.

The Reasons Behind Dull Skin

While there are many reasons that cause dull skin, some of the main causes including:

  • DehydrationWhen skin lacks water, it often looks dull and dry. The outer layer of skin must contain 10%-15% water. When this level drops, skin becomes dehydrated which results in dull complexion. In addition, fine lines and wrinkles may become more visible.

“I’ve found that water can have a significant impact in skin health. Without adequate water intake, skin appears duller, and wrinkles and pores more prominent. Proper hydration levels help the skin become plump and improves its elasticity, meaning it’s less likely to crack and have irritations and blemishes.”

Dr. Steven Deliduka – board-certified dermatologist with Forefront Dermatology

  • Sun DamageWhile sun tan might make skin look healthier for a day or so after exposing to sun UV rays, it is actually a sign of sun damage. Skin might appear more radiant in the beginning after exposing to sun, but it will look dull and depleted afterwards.
  • PollutionOur skin comes into contact with pollution everyday. These external aggressors cause free radical damage to the skin. This contributes to skin discoloration, aging and dullness.
Forming of Free Radicals
  • Our skin is composed of cells. Every cell contains an atom and electrons orbiting around it. Free radicals cells always miss one or more electrons. That’s why, when free radicals enter our body or get in contact with our skin, they snatch electrons from our healthy cells. As a result, our cells get damaged. The best way to treat these damaged cells is by shedding them and donating electrons to free radicals to stabilize them.

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Boost Glowing and Prevent Dullskin

While using a brightening moisturizer can be an instant way to brighten your dull skin and boost glowing, preventing dullness is a key step in maintaining a healthy complexion. Follow these tips to prevent dullness and maintain radiance:

  1. Use Effective Skincare Routine. As said earlier, the main reason behind dull skin is uneven skin tone and textured skin. So, if you manage to keep your skin clear and smooth, you will maintain healthy glowing skin. You need to cleanse your skin from impurities, and above all, exfoliate dead skin cells. Keep reading for products recommendation.
  2. Remove Make-up Before Bedtime. Leaving make-up overnight piles up dirt, oil and impurities at the most important time that skin needs to restore its pH balance. Removing Make-up before sleeping promotes skin to look healthy and radiant.
  3. Never Skip Sunscreen UV rays are one of the leading causes to aging. Regular sunscreen use in early ages, childhood and adolescence may result in 80% reduction in damage from sun rays and prevent dull skin.
  4. Add Antioxidant Products to Your Skincare Routine. In addition to sunscreen use, you need to use products that are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals that come into contact with our bodies and damage our cells including skin cells. Free radicals are one of the leading causes behind premature aging and dark spots. Products that are made of Vitamin E can be the best antioxidants that help skin fight free radicals. Some of these products are topical and others are oral.

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