Gurmit Singh slapped with $800 fine and banned from driving for speeding

Gurmit Singh slapped with $800 fine and banned from driving for speeding at 131kmh

Local actor Gurmit Singh was slapped with an $800 fine. In addition to a driving ban of three months in court today (June 8).

The 56-year-old comedian pleaded guilty to one count of exceeding the speed limit while driving a vehicle under the Road Traffic Act.

Gurmit, who recently reprised his role as Phua Chu Kang in Singapore’s Covid-19 vaccination video, was driving at 131kmh on a road where the speed limit was 70kmh.

He had sped along Woodlands Avenue 12 towards Seletar Expressway in his car on April 12 at around 9.30pm. The Straits Times reported.

Also, he was unrepresented and turned up in court with a gray long-sleeved shirt and pants, according to CNA.

He told the court that he was picking up his son from his internship workplace when he heard a “flapping sound”.

He said: “After I got him I wanted him to hear the same sound. So I realized it comes out at 100kmh.

“Of course, I’m not saying I should drive at that speed on that street. However, it was just a short (distance). I don’t know how I got 131. I wish I knew. But I just ask the court’s understanding that I’m not this reckless driver who does this daily. It’s just a one-off thing I wanted my son to hear.”

$800 fine and banned from driving

The prosecutor for the case sought a driving ban. Additionally, he left the sentence to the court. She also pointed out that Gurmit had no prior convictions.

District Judge Salina Ishak told Gurmit that he could have put both his and his son’s lives in danger.

“I understand, your honor. I regret doing what I did,” he said.


Those found guilty of speeding may face a jail term of up to three months or a fine of up to $1,000.

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