What is Dr Alvin Rejuvenating Set?

Are you constantly bothered by pimples on your skin? Were you trying many ways to treat it but none of which really worked? Or would you like to look whiter and have a glass skin? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We are proud to offer you our Dr Alvin rejuvenating set, and getting our customers clear skin is our number one goal. Specifically, Dr Alvin Rejuvenating set contains four products: kojic soap, rejuvenating toner, rejuvenating cream and sunblock cream. In conclusion, this set of products work together wonderfully to treat your skin.

Contents of Dr Alvin rejuvenating set

1- Dr Alvin Kojic soap

Well, this rejuvenating soap that is originated in Japan is a byproduct of mushroom and rice wine (saki). And, its main active ingredient is Kojic acid Dipalmitate which is responsible for the exfoliating dead skin cells and brightening of the skin.

2- Dr Alvin rejuvenating toner

Cleanses deep seated dirt. It contains mild ingredients that provide anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, and whitening effects. It contains peeling ingredients that help shed dead skin cells. In addition to whitening ingredients that bleach skin and active ingredients that accelerate skin turnover.

3- Dr Alvin rejuvenating cream

This cream contains whitening and anti-wrinkle ingredients. Also, it will accelerate the peeling effects.

4- Dr Alvin sunblock cream

Finally, sunblock cream with SPF 15 and PA++ which protects skin against harmful Ultraviolet Rays that causes sun burn and wrinkles. It’s very essential to apply during the rejuvenating process as the skin gets sensitive.

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